The RISD Yearbook is the annual publication representing the graduating class, designed by the RISD Design Guild and commissioned by RISD’s Center of Student Involvement (CSI).

For 2023, the yearbook was divided into three separate books: a collection of interviews with faculty members [1], a catalog of student portraits [2], and a photo index documenting our campus [3].

When deciding upon a theme, we wanted to focus on an evocative visual language that can represent individual experience and transitioning out of university. Inspired by travel documents, we appropriated the benign structure of civil portraiture and enhanced it with colorful and custom-made stamps—equally certifying each surface and crowning each student with their own personal accomplishments.

As a member of RISD Design Guild, my responsibilities included project management, spread layout, creation of stamp designs, photography, photo-editing, interviewing faculty, and writing opening descriptions. 

  • Additional information: Three volumes, 6x8” (900 total pages).
    350 total editions printed.
    Printing done by: Meridian Printing Co.

  • Documentation of the cardboard holding case, yearbook front covers, and spines. Photographs courtesy of Maxton O’Connor.

  • Various documentation of the books. Photographs courtesy of myself (Truman Lesak) and Sharlene Deng.